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2022-11-15 16:17:09 - Comments

For those who are interested, we do have an IRC server! If you connect via, you will be able to connect straight through and start chatting.

Right now there are no services (such as NickServ or ChanServ), so if you need something like a permanent channel or to get chanop because everyone left and someone needs it, just contact Arthfach/Arth and I'll be happy to help!

Should you join us, welcome, and happy chatting!

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2022-11-15 15:58:09 - Comments

Good afternoon,

In the spirit of encouraging decentralization with a sense of community, I have added a page to this website that contains a curated lists of links to sites or people that I believe are deserving of time and attention. Each link points to something or someone that I believe has value and is worthwhile to keep track of, or join the community of.

I hope that this curated page can help some of you all to discover new and exciting, or valuable, resources to follow and enjoy!

Find it at

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2022-10-27 16:22:05 - Comments

Welcome to my new blog page, where I will (hopefully) write about interesting topics, or at least things that you want to keep an eye on. Ideally, I will be coding up a legitimate blog with RSS tracking and all of that for folks who want to use it, but for now, a static page is fine.

I appreciate your interest and am glad to see you here! Welcome to the Bear Den; I hope you enjoy your stay.