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My Open Letter to Congress

2017-04-16 14:24:26 - Comments

I am writing to you today about the bill being proposed by Rep. Wagner entitled "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017".

This bill is a chilling act to suppress free speech among internet providers. While the intent may be good, the fallout is disasterous. The bill removes the need for a foundational legal requirement - mens rea, or "guilty mind" - from a provider who is found to have users who have uploaded or created child sex acts using the provider's service. While child sex in all forms is absolutely abhorrent and wrong on every level, this proposed bill goes too far and removes the protections for providers from people abusing their services to facilitate illegal acts. You wouldn't fine, or arrest the CEO of, Toyota if someone used their car in a murder, and so it makes no sense to do that for sites like Facebook, Google, and others if their users use their products to do illegal acts.

I urge you to uphold basic legal principles and what you know is right. Please stand against removing protections from third-party providers, and stand for the foundation of law that protects the innocent. Mens rea is a cornerstone of our legal system, and by disregarding that "for the children," you chip away at fundamental protections for the innocent, and will ultimately do nothing except drive the guilty farther underground, out of the light where they can't be found.

Please, do what's right. Vote no on Rep. Wagner's proposed bill, and stand for the rights of the innocent.

* * * * *


2016-12-19 21:27:37 - Comments

Not a whole lot to say here. I've been thinking about writing a post now that I'm out of the Navy and am on terminal leave, but I will leave that for another time. I'm honestly still digesting how that whole time period of my life went, and, well... it's hard.

But anyway.

The meat of this post is as follows: I am starting up my Let's Play series again on YouTube. It's not going to be a daily thing, honestly. I'm hoping for twice a week, though I will try to post at minimum once a week. It's going to be one main LP and one "side project" that's generally just going to be some kind of fun little casual game or side thing I'm interested in. May not even be a game at all - at least for the side LP - it may be things like 'Let's Teach' or 'Let's Cook', where I delve into tutorials about software applications, or record myself cooking and walk through the process.

At any rate, if you want to come watch, the URI is right here and I would be happy to have you come by and check out my videos. Let's do something great!

* * * * *

Community College

2016-09-09 04:31:48 - Comments

It's interesting to me. I've been doing some research on both sides of the debate about if a CC/Associates is worth the time and money. Almost universally I am disgusted by the people who say no. I don't think I'm an academic elitist, but I can't agree with or really even understand the people who go, "There are no hot chicks there, bruh," or, "I got a degree in basket weaving and can't find a job - it's the CC's fault."

I have always been under the impression that you go to college - no matter what level - in order to advance an education in a field that is either something you love or something you think is beneficial. So when I read arguments about the quality of girls, or a "useless" degree, or even people with higher degrees saying that a lower degree is a "waste of time," it doesn't make sense to me.

Am I just off the wall stupid, or do the people who say negative things about community colleges not really know their ass from a hole in the ground?

* * * * *


2016-08-15 09:58:08 - Comments

All I have to say with this entry is: Why do certain professions (law, accounting, etc.) have to say simple things in an overly-complicated and stupid way? Seriously. Present value is a concept that is made way too hard by making it sound ridiculous. It's as simple as, "The current value of a certain amount of future money." Or, stated easily, "What is $100 a year from now worth at the current time?"

Why do they make things so difficult? Is this just a perverse and sick pleasure from the people who advance the field? Or just a cruel trick to play on accounting students before they graduate?

* * * * *

I have never been so ashamed to be an American.

2016-06-20 15:09:18 - Comments

When I joined the Navy, one thing I never expected was to be a babysitter for a bunch of drunken adults. Today, that's what I have ended up being. I've apologized to countless Italians for the behavior of the people I am on Liberty with, and it feels like I am some kind of babysitter, not person trying to relax. I'm more stressed out now than I was underway.

This is not ok. Normal people don't act like this, and sailors shouldn't either. As a ship, we are a disgrace to the United States.

* * * * *

I want to get a job where I can stop this.

2016-06-07 01:03:43 - Comments

Link here

Everyone in the United States is so damn worried about international terrorism and ISIS that we’ve stopped putting eyes on the gross injustices and absolute abuse and overreach of authority that is happening right here at home. There’s no reason why an innocent farmer should lose his or her land to some governmental agency that decides to step in “just because” and not give any factual rhyme or reason for what they are doing. Hell, farmers are the reason that we are all alive today – you know, the whole “people need to eat” concept? – and to treat them like criminals for TENDING TO THEIR OWN LAND is asinine at best and downright evil at worst.

I honestly wish there was a better way than just voting and hoping that the politician isn’t a total spineless asshole or liar (HA!). I would honestly give up a lot of my own time and energy to be able to advocate for people to be able to hold farms and keep their family livelihood going strong. After all, respect for the Earth isn’t defined as leaving her alone and never touching her like a damn museum; it’s being a conscientious caretaker that measures actions and tries to keep them as much in balance as possible.

Sorry for the rant, it just pisses me off to no end that people do this. So much red tape for such a simple job, and no reason for it except to harass honest, hard working people. Where’s the advocates for us?

* * * * *

Potential attacks.

2016-01-04 21:56:18 - Comments

Well, it appears to have come to a head. Over on Wikipedia, veiled threats have been made about my CO finding out about my involvement with GamerGate and "interest in incel" (something I had never heard of before voting on an Articles for Deletion proposal). I knew that large members of the movement were being targeted for attack, but I was unaware that people who just posted a couple times in support of it were also going to be placed under attack.

That being said, I believe in free speech and the right to hold my opinion, however unpopular it might be to some people. Therefore, I will not be removing anything from my website or blog, no matter how many threats I receive. I won't be scared away from having an opinion.

* * * * *

To my beloved Punk

2015-12-18 17:23:42 - Comments

It's been almost five years now since you left. I think about you a lot of days still. Silly, I'm sure, you'd think someone could move on after five years. A lot in my life has changed; I wish you were still here to see it all. There's so much that I wish I could have shared with you, you know? You would have loved where I lived most of the time I've been in VA. It was a really small apartment, but it would have been perfect for one guy and his cat.

I miss you all the time, you know. There are mornings when I get up and get confused when I walk outside of the bedroom and you aren't there. I'll sit down on the couch - which I avoid a lot now - and wonder if you're ok, why you haven't come over to settle down yet. There's been a couple times when I "accidentally" left a sip of that special "chocolate milk" you loved so much in my glass at my desk for you, only to remember an hour later that you aren't there anymore. Sometimes I can see you out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn my head to look, there's nothing there.

Why did you have to leave? I know you were old, and I know you were in pain, and I am so glad that you are able to rest now in the field before the rainbow bridge where you are young and happy and can hunt and play. I just miss you so much that it hurts my heart to think about you, and I hate that. I love you, Punk, and there's a hole in my heart that will never go away. You were my best friend.

I miss my best friend.

* * * * *

Only my Senior Chief...

2015-11-22 07:55:36 - Comments

So we passed our big inspection for the basic phase yesterday. Great job, go team, we kicked ass. Except. At this morning's debrief, Senior Chief tells us that it was the worst USW demonstration he'd ever seen or been a part of. Then listed a bunch of things that weren't up to his standards.

Here's my issue with it. When your team wins in sports, you don't just focus on the negatives. You discuss them for improvement purposes, yes, but it's not the entire focus of your speech. We have done a lot of things right as a division, and to throw away months of work because of one less-than-perfect evening seems at best mean-spirited. We're more than two hours of work, and for most of the division, this is their first basic phase that they've ever seen. To expect perfection from a group that had neither the time nor really the training they needed to achieve it is just unfair and beats us all down.

In short: Only my Senior Chief can take a victory and make it feel like a bitter failure.

One more year. Well, one year and one month. I can survive this.

* * * * *

Don't join the Navy.

2015-05-13 18:11:19 - Comments

People might tell you that the Navy is a good idea. They might tell you about the benefits - free college, training, a steady paycheck. They might talk about honor, or duty, service to country. They aren't wrong, but they don't tell you about the downsides.

You don't see your family. If you have friends or family you love, and a home life that you enjoy, you'll never be able to enjoy it while you are enlisted. If you want to have children or make any sort of life plans, then you will have to put all of that on hold while you are jerked away from home time and time again at the whims of someone who happens to have a star or a few on his shoulders. Nobody will ever offer you an explanation, and nobody will give you the respect or courtesy to recognize that you are a human being.

Just don't do it.

* * * * *

Extra Credits and Disappointment

2015-02-14 18:04:18 - Comments

Extra Credits. What can I say about them? For the longest time, I held the team in high regard. They love games, and the gaming industry, and it shows. Their passion for games is a beacon in the dark when people want to attack gamers and make them out to be juvenile, hateful creatures who just live in their parents' basement. Well, it was a beacon, anyway.

I found out that EC is against GamerGate. And they didn't even manage to have a good justification for it - they ended up stating that the movement was "harmful." Seriously? Did you even do any research, Dan? James? Did you bother to look up anything other than the words of Sarkeesian, Wu, or the other anti-GG top brass? Did you investigate the multiple incidences where those same people harassed themselves to make the pro-GG side look bad? Because I figured, of all the organizations that existed to critically examine games, you would have spent a little time doing that research. But instead, you just jumped on the Social Justice Warrior / Feminism bandwagon and didn't manage to critically examine anything.

I'm sad. I want to recommend your videos, and seminars, to my friends. To the people I game with. I want to enjoy what you have to say because, for the most part, it does ring true. But now, I can't. Not in good faith - not knowing that you would ally yourselves with the worst kind of liars, harassers, and manipulative frauds that I have ever seen.

It was nice knowing you, Extra Credits.

* * * * *

Origin and Customer Non-Service

2015-02-01 18:21:52 - Comments

So tonight I went on to Origin because I wanted to pick up and play a few games. Well, I got an interesting notice: My account was banned because of a ToS violation. Now, see, if I had actually violated the ToS I would be ok just accepting the ban and moving on with life ... but here's the problem.

I never violated any ToS.

Let me say this again, loudly, EA.


My account was hacked a couple months ago and a copy of Fifa 15 was purchased by someone in Argentina. Seeing this on my bank account and getting the purchase confirmation email tipped me off that something was Very Wrong, and so I went to Origin and opened a refund dispute (which, granted, I was given) and tightened my security. To a normal person, that's the end of the matter - you continue using the service like normal with a lesson learned about account security. That's what would make sense, right? Apparently not to EA. They froze my account out - they claimed that I was selling some kind of Fifa currency, and that because "I" did that, my account would be banned.

All of this would have been easily fixable if a customer service representative was even reachable, however, their chat service was broken, their email address bounced as undeliverable, and their phone number didn't connect through. There is literally no way to reach them to resolve the issue, and so I have decided to let people know, through an admittedly obscure blog, about EA's lack of customer service and poor handling of account hacking issues. I know I am not the only person affected by this problem, as a cursory web search can prove, and it seems like EA has just decided to screw a number of their customers and offer no recourse. This shouldn't surprise anyone, because it's not the first time that they've made a horrible decision that negatively impacted their customers, and I doubt it will be the last.

Unfortunately, EA has lost my trust for the last time. I have chosen to no longer support them through product purchases or recommendations. Thanks for the good times, but at the way you're going EA, you won't be here for long.

* * * * *

I support GamerGate.

2014-11-16 07:31:18 - Comments

So I have been reading for the last couple months about this new trend called GamerGate. It is a movement of people who are against the blatant corruption and lying and politics in the gaming industry, where people can get good reviews, publication, and protection from criticism just because of their connections or sex. In short, GamerGate is for ethics in journalism.

Now, this interests me greatly. As an avid anti-Feminist, pro-equity individual, I support all people being treated equitably. This means that everyone should have the same ability to succeed as the next person: Advantages and disadvantages may differ, but everyone should have the support structures they need to succeed if they are willing to put in the effort - and the same ability to fail if they don't. GamerGate is a great example of that, where people are just asking for fair treatment and equal coverage and exposure of the good and bad in the gaming industry. To oppose the equitable treatment of people, regardless of sex, gender, race, age, etc. is to oppose the very foundation of equality and equity among the people of the world.

To summarize: I support GamerGate, and wish the movement the best of luck in achieving their goals. Too many have capitulated to the dangerous machine that is Feminism and the Social Justice Movement, and I hope beyond hope that GamerGate is able to, and does, stand up tall among those who are being harassed and harmed by the Feminist/SJW movements as a beacon of hope and strength.

Game on!

* * * * *

Good day

2014-08-15 07:58:00 - Comments

So I had an amazingly good day yesterday, and today is shaping up to be pretty darn wonderful, too. Sometimes having someone who cares about you and is willing to cheer you up when you are feeling really blue is the best thing in the entire world. I'm a lucky person and I'm glad that she's in my life.

* * * * *


2014-08-11 20:40:42 - Comments

If anyone is interested in encrypted communications with me, my PGP Public Key is now posted in the menu bar above. Please feel free to use it for file sharing, communications, or encrypted email. Also, feel free to send me your keys if you want me to encrypt my communications back to you.

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Attention to the Con

2014-08-01 09:16:19 - Comments

BronyCon - I am in you!

* * * * *


2014-07-31 07:21:53 - Comments

So I'm a bit excited. I'm heading off to BronyCon today, with my friend Morgan. I hope that things go seamlessly and we're able to pick up our badges and get checked into the hotel room with minimal amounts of fuss or BS to go along with it - we should - and then we can relax and have a good weekend up there.

He intends to do a fair bit of drinking and partying, whereas me? I just want to go to events and hang out and look at the stuff. It's going to be a rich tapestry of creativity and fun, and I fully intend on immersing myself in it as much as I can get away with.

Here's hoping for a great weekend, and I'll see y'all when I get back!

* * * * *

Forum, part 2

2014-07-28 17:59:21 - Comments

So I managed to get a minimalistic forum up and running. I prefer this version to the one I had before, as it is lightweight and fast rather than bloated and slow. At least for my purposes.

Find it here and come and chat, won't you?

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2014-05-08 01:01:01 - Comments

Welcome back to Seychelles. It's definitely not somewhere I'd want to be with a ship, but it is what it is. At least there's internet and I can surf the web on my iPad. Still, I would rather be out here with a loved one. Maybe one day.

More to come later. Be well and be safe, everyone!

* * * * *

Don't give up.

2013-06-03 01:01:01 - Comments

So this is a story all 'bout how- no. Let's not. What this is, well, it's a story about success. My personal success. See, I went for a run today, and a memory popped into my head and it triggered a desire to offer it out to the world - or maybe just the one, slightly overweight, out of shape, lonely kid who tries so hard but wonders deep down why he, or she, shouldn't just give up. The one who thinks, "Nobody knows what I'm going through," and who hears, "You'll never make it," from everyone they really need support from.

When I joined the Navy Delayed Entry Program (DEP), I weighed 190+ lbs - at 5'8". I "ran" (shuffled) a 22 minute mile. If you put me and a snail side by side, I imagine that the snail would have traversed the track faster than I ever could. I hurt all over when I tried to run, and I had to fall out constantly because my shins killed me - I had no running form. In short, I was an out of shape, lumbering slob. But I had one major thing going for me. Motivation. Every Tuesday and Friday, without fail, I would go to the track at my local YMCA and shuffle my fat butt around that track for at least 30 minutes. Sun, rain, warm, or freezing cold (yes, I ran with snow), I was out there. I believed I wasn't noticed, that I was achieving nothing, and that in the end, I would fail - but I had an inner drive, and it wouldn't quit.

Throughout DEP, I had many people - including the second recruiter in my station - telling me that I would fail and that I couldn't do it. They'd laugh at my shuffling in group PT, and they'd dismiss me as being incapable and unable to do anything remotely physical. Sure, I had brains, but to them that meant nothing. Their words hurt, and for a long time, I felt like they were right. In fact, I was extremely close to calling it quits and disenrolling from the DEP altogether. Their words had really cut me to the bone and my confidence was long gone.

MA1 Morton. My actual recruiter. He was the one who came to me one meeting - the meeting, actually, where I was going to tell him I quit. He pulled me to the side, and he told me, "I see you running. Every time I pass the track, you're there. And you know what? You got balls. You're not the fastest or the best, but you are motivated. Keep it up, and you'll really succeed." I, of course, had a shot of confidence and felt like I was noticed and that someone was on my side. I stayed in the Navy. Well, fast forward two years. I'm now a second class petty officer, and on the course to make first class in a very short time. I didn't let anyone stop me after that, and I've blown all expectations out of the water.

I guess my point is, if there's anyone out there who felt like me, who feels like there's nobody who notices or cares... there is. Even if it's your own inner motivation and self, someone notices. And you shouldn't give up. You are better than what anyone who tears you down thinks. You are powerful, and strong - and you have the one true key to success. Motivation. A drive to succeed. A drive to improve, and keep on improving. Never lose that, and you'll reach your goals and succeed more throughly than you ever thought possible.

Good luck.

* * * * *

What is this, I don't even...?

2013-05-11 01:01:01 - Comments

Here's the history of this post: The video, and then the response.

Ok. Here's a summary for the people who can't, or don't wish to, get into the back story: Jeff Bliss, an 18 year old sophomore (dropped out, re-enrolled when he realized he needed an education) blows up on his teacher, and she not only disregards anything he has to say, she escalates the disrespect by being the first to swear, and she completely disrespected Mr. Bliss' opinion. Then, Tod Robberson, the reporter for the Dallas Morning News, decides to attack Mr. Bliss and hurl personal insults at him instead of actually providing an argument against Mr. Bliss' assertation of the lack of quality of the education system in this country.

I have one word for this: abhorrent. What kind of journalist, Mr. Robberson, do you think you are? Does it give you some kind of sick pleasure to attack someone who is attempting to better his life as well as the lives of those around him? Does it make you feel like a big man sitting in your comfortable chair, making more money than you could ever be worth, not having ever dealt with any struggles in your life, to attack this young man? How would you feel, Mr. Robberson, if your daughter Fiona was attacked as hard as you attacked Mr. Bliss for standing up for something that she believes strongly in? Or do you even consider the consequences of your actions? I would venture to guess that you don't, because you certainly don't appear to have any empathy or ability to consider the consequences of your words and actions.

The education system in this country needs a lot of work and help to get the USA back to being a world leader in education. There are a lot of good ideas being tossed around, and you can't throw a stone without hitting a valid, sound theory for fixing the problems. Now if only we had people like Mr. Bliss who are willing to stand up and say that enough is enough, that the education system is broken, and it needs to be fixed. Well, for one, I am glad to stand up and say that yes, I support Mr. Jeff Bliss. And I hope that everyone who reads this is willing to stand up in support of him, and everyone like him, in the fight to rebuild the education system in the United States.

* * * * *

Holy hiatus!

2012-04-18 01:01:01 - Comments

So I've been away for a couple weeks. Sorry about that! I've been moved across the country to Norfolk, VA and are spending a little time here before I'm stuffed in a ship and put to slave labor for a few months. I hope that you all have been well, and are enjoying exploring my little corner of the world. I hope to have more up here later!

* * * * *


2012-02-28 01:01:01 - Comments

Well, to put it politely, this has been a moderate pain in the ass. On the plus side, it has been a very fun pain in the ass. In short, I had to learn about VPS (virtual private servers), find a reliable one that is also inexpensive, open an account, set up the servers that I am going to use, configure them, install Perl and PHP, configure them, test like mad, and finally start the DNS redirection. If you are seeing this post, and the 'Forum' link up top, you are on the new server. Hopefully I will be completely migrated and off of Dotster within the week.

As to the forum, there's not much there yet. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to keep it around forever, but for right now, it's up and open for registration. Expect the look of the forum to change a lot over the next few days as I play around with themes and styles and the like. Regardless, feel free to come on in and make an account, post, look around, etc. I look forward to hearing from you!

* * * * *

So, maybe I just don't get it.

2012-02-23 01:01:01 - Comments

Over the past year or so, I've been doing a lot of reading about Shamanism. Especially on topics like how to apply it to modern times, the changing role of the shaman, etc. But I think I've come to the conclusion that I really just don't get it. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure I want to. At least, not the form of Shamanism that these people are trying to peddle! Let me explain.

A fairly universal theme for these people peddling "modern Shamanism" is to use flowery prose and push the idea of "self discovery" and "personal truths" and the like. There's a lot of talk about improving the self and finding your balance. Don't get me wrong, that's certainly a good thing to do - "Physician, heal thyself," and all that. But it's just that everyone pushing this "modern Shamanism" idea seem to miss the exact same thing, something that I thought was, and still think is, core to Shamanism.

Helping others.

I can just hear the arguments now. "You can't help others if you're not perfect," or, "By helping yourself you do help others." I really don't want to hear it. Call me ignorant if you want to, but I'm going to stand firm and come out and say that I believe that someone who truly wishes to follow Shamanism needs to realize that it's not just about themselves. We're supposed to be the people that others turn to when they need help - the ones who provide guidance, comfort, healing, and most importantly, love. No, not the lover kind of love - genuine love from one person to another. The kind that is always patient, always kind, willing to place others before itself.

Know what I believe? You don't have to be perfect to follow Shamanism. You don't have to live up to anyone's expectations, you don't have to be or do anything except this: You have to be loving. If you truly love your fellow humans, you will do everything you can to help them - to heal, guide, and protect. You will be the healer to patch up their wounds, and you will be the warrior to help them defend themselves. And that's what we're here for, isn't it, as a shaman - or in my case, as someone who is doing his level best to get there?

I may be wrong. But I wanted to address this, because deep down, I want to see people step up and love others. There's too much focus on I nowadays. I think it needs to be on us, because we all need each other.

Please feel free to drop me a line by clicking on the 'comments' link above. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

* * * * *

Major fiddling!

2012-02-20 01:01:01 - Comments

Holy mackerel. I never realized that by introducing a couple of people to my game system that it would explode quite like it did. So I've been somewhat rushed to hammer out a few rules for my system that clarify issues that badly needed clarifying, before the game goes to playtesting. Speaking of playtesting, my wife and I are looking for anyone willing to test and participate in a play-by-email/play-by-post module that she is currently working on. This may extend out into a series of modules or even a campaign depending on the interest and how everything runs, so if you're interested, drop me a line at the comments link above and let me know!

* * * * *

Minor fiddling.

2012-02-19 01:01:01 - Comments

So I did a little hammering on the SRPS today. I took some of the notes that were written out in list form and formulas and expanded them with actual explanatory text. I also fleshed out some of the combat rules in order to clarify a few situations that players will face. I know I'm going to need a lot of playtesting to get that section right, but it's a fair start, or so I think. Also started working on an example adventure, but that's going a lot more slowly than I'd like!

I've also done a little fiddling with the Singularity game, but none of it is really client side visible. Sure, if you're a developer and want to mess with the CSS to unhide what I've done, go ahead, but it's not functional and nothing world-shattering. A lot of conversion is learning that the UI used in stand alone games doesn't work so well in web browsers, and trying to see if I can reinvent the UI to work better for web apps. And check the compatibility across devices like the iPad/iPhone and other small screen devices.

On a personal front, I'm moving across the county next month. Heading to VA on March 16th! Got to love the Navy and their strong desire to shuffle people from coast to coast... sigh. Ah well, I'll finally be in the real fleet, doing what I'm being paid to do!

* * * * *

Singularity, browser style!

2012-02-12 01:01:01 - Comments

Ok. I'll admit something, full disclaimer: This new project of mine is a direct rip-off of the game Endgame: Singularity written by some very talented folks, all credit for the game idea and gameplay goes to them.

Now. Here's the thing. The game is written in Python, which is fine and all, but not everyone has access to it. It's cross-platform across the "big 3" (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) on desktops/laptops, but isn't accessable from other devices at all. And really, it hasn't been updated - gameplay wise - since July of 2010. A year and a half ago. And that, frankly, is a crying shame and I intend to fix it in short order.

"But why don't you just work on the game as it is," I can hear some of you cry. The answer is twofold: First, I don't know Python, and have no interest in ever learning the language. Second, I want the game to be more accessable, and available to play even on devices that have no ability to download and install binaries. If it can surf the web, and supports modern HTML/CSS/JS standards, there's no reason it shouldn't be able to play.

Now, I am not going to put a link on the main menu until the game is actually playable, in beta. However, if anyone wants to check on the game's progress, there's going to be a link right here for you to check it out. If you do, and you have any ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

* * * * *

What in the world?

2012-02-10 01:01:01 - Comments

Ok. This is just too absurd not to share. Apparently, there is a "gentleman" who posted a video to YouTube wherein he shot his daughter's laptop because she, like every other teenager on the planet, complained about her home life. Granted, she did it on Facebook, so it was a slightly larger audience than "a few friends at school," but talk about your disproportionate responses! Not to mention the fact that the idiot decided that airing his family's dirty laundry publically was a good idea!

I don't care how angry a child makes you, if you sink to their level (or below) than you aren't worthy of being called an adult. Tommy Jordan, you are a poor father to your daughter - regardless of if she handled the situation well or not, you are teaching her the entirely wrong lessons. Sure, shoot her laptop if it makes you feel better and get your rocks off, nobody can stop you from doing that. Just don't teach your daughter that when her kids are misbehaving that it's perfectly ok to sink to their level, and to air that dirty laundry publically.

For those who are curious, here is a link to the video, and here is a link to this "father's" Facebook post about the issue.

* * * * *

Some new additions.

2012-02-04 01:01:01 - Comments

So I finally got around to making a site map and expanded the scope of what I will be doing with my SRPS over time. Hopefully I can get some adventures put up, and some sample characters, and get some feedback on how the system runs. I know it's not entirely possible right now, but soon, I hope! I'd love to make a system that's fun to use, simple, and encourages play versus rolling a ton of dice to do a single action - yes, D&D, I am looking at you.

I also have to note that making a site where the navigation (beyond the top bar) is just embedded in the pages or on the site map confuses me. It seems like burying the information where it's hard to see, but when I actually think about it, it's just making sure you only see the information you need to see. If a person isn't interested in the SRPS, for example, they don't have to see it in any menu bars except for the main page. It's just a navigation system I'll have to get used to, I think.

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2012-01-29 01:01:01 - Comments

Welcome to my blog. Here is where I am going to be posting anything that pops into my head that I feel the need or desire to keep track of, or share with anyone who cares to read. I realize that it's odd in today's age to actually still manually be posting blog entries, but I find that it works for me and really isn't too much of an issue. It gives me finer grained control over what I am doing than using a CMS like LiveJournal or WordPress does, and isn't nearly as much of a hassle.

I'm not entirely sure what to put on the website yet, to be honest. I was contemplating putting a section for politics, but that really doesn't seem like something that I want to air to the world. I'd like to put up random things that people would enjoy, like a JavaScript/AJAX Scrabble or Monopoly clone type game, but that's for a while off yet. Things to do immediately are being done by a lot of other people. Maybe I'll post some short stories up or something, just to get some content going.

P.S. I managed to shine my boot toecaps to a mirror finish tonight. Within the next week or two, I hope to be able to do that across the entire boot, and my dress shoes as well. If I can trick people into thinking they are cloroframs(sp?), my job will be done and done well.